Darton Veracity 35 Hunting Compound Bow

Once you shoot the NEW Veracity 35 you will instantly realize this bow is very fast and highly efficient.

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Expanding on Darton’s patented cam platform, the Veracity 35 will come with 85% let off, 1/4″ draw length adjustments on our rotating mod and a TRUE Speed of 339 FPS at 30″ Draw (70lbs with a 350-grain arrow). Included you will receive 3 sets of draw stop tabs to micro tune your holding weight! 80%, 65% mods also available giving you an incredible 12 options of holding weight.

Once you shoot the NEW Veracity 35 you will instantly realize this bow is very fast, highly efficient, Extremely Quiet and points and aims like a dream. Maintaining that Darton accuracy and dependability that our customers have counted on for over 72 YEARS. Veracity “The state or quality of being true” – Shoot the Veracity 35 and you will know why we chose the name!

The Veracity 35 comes with Custom Made bowstrings by Team Darton. Through a varying tensioning process, we ensure that the string is built at its most elongated state with a consistent bundle and individual strands that all carry the same load. In doing so we guarantee you are using the full potential of every strand making them the most stable string set in archery today. Firm fully served end loops, proprietary serving tensions, individual strand exact load layup process and the finest material available makes these strings the best of the best.


The most important consideration for making deadly accurate shots is precision tolerances. Our customers frequently report even tolerances tighter than we specify. You will notice the difference.

  • ATA/IBO SPEED: 339-337 FPS
  • ACTUAL SPEED: 339-337 FPS
  • ATA/IBO SPEED AT 31.5″: 354-352 FPS
  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 35″
  • DRAW LENGTHS: 26″-31.5″
  • DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
  • LET-OFF: 85%
Weight 110 oz
Dimensions 46 × 14 × 4 in



Maximum Draw Weight



Dark Earth


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