Black Mamba Venom Starter Elite Cordovan Tab

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The Venom Starter Tab – CORDOVAN ELITE is a two layer leather tab which is identical in size to the Venom II Finger Tab. It is smaller than the Original Venom Tab to accommodate smaller size hands.

The Venom Starter is a three finger tab with a two finger strap and spacer design, (See photo inset), similar to the Venom II but has the smaller VENOM FINGER SPACER. The through the spacer two finger strap design allows for easier cinching and removal of the Venom Starter Finger Tab.

This tab is produced with over-sized trim-to-fit cordovan leather for proper fit and customization..

This tab comes complete with cordovan leather face and a split suede leather backing riveted to a plastic plate, Venom Finger Spacer, black nylon strap, and stainless steel buckle.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in




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