Perfexion XL by Xpedition Archery - High Altitude Archery

It was only a matter of time before the Xpedition team turned its focus on the crucible of archery precision, the Target market. The Perfexion XL brings to bear the full scope of our aerospace pedigree to influence archery design and unparalleled precision manufacturing. The Perfexion XL’s patent pending PXT hybrid cam design from the most prolific cam designer in modern history, and the results are breathtaking. The PXT dual limb stop hybrid cam has an unprecedented 6” of draw length adjustment on one base cam, features 1⁄2” modular draw adjustment and the Xpedition signature adjustability. The Perfexion XL is fast enough for 3D in spite of its 8” plus brace height, yet still prioritizes the smooth draw that target archer require for long days at the range. The Perfexion XL’s rigid riser defies flex and recovers with the consistency that had previously been  reserved for shoot through designs. Form follows function, so the Perfexion XL has clean lines and rich target colors that scream quality. At the end of the day, it is engineered and assembled to make scores climb and X rings easier to hit. Make an investment in your archery future and set your goals to experience perfection. The Xpedition Perfexion XL, a pedigree of performance.

Trophies are collected based upon merit. Your equipment has to be an extension of who you are and deliver at what you do. Maybe the trophies you earn are the result of X rings and hours of repetition on the practice range. Maybe your trophies are wrapped in freezer paper or are measured in points or inches. In the end, you understand that the price you pay is only one factor in your satisfaction in your gear. Timeless performance, unerring quality, and durability are the keys to lasting satisfaction.

Model IBO Rating Weight Axel to Axel Brace Height Draw Weight Draw Lengths DL Adjustment Let-Off MSRP Price at HAA
Perfexion XL 320 fps 4.3 lbs 38″ +/- .250″ 8.125″ +/- .125″ 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 PXT Cam 24.5″ – 30.5″ Modular (.5″ incr)
No bow press required
80% Adj $1,199 $1,049