Denali Compound Bow by Xpedition Archery - High Altitude Archery

The very name “Denali” conjures visions of one of the most iconic landscape features in North America. The “High One” or The “Great One” as interpreted in the native languages, the 2017 Denali set a benchmark for mid axle to axle length bows. Like a supercharged luxury sedan, the Denali just blew the doors off anything in its class, while delivering the smooth shooting and handling characteristics only a longer bow can provide. For 2018, we deliver those same characteristics to more short draw archers by adding the PXT hybrid cam as an option for archers with draw lengths as short as 23”. Hunting, 3D, spots… the Denali will handle them all in style.

Model IBO Rating Weight Axel to Axel Brace Height Draw Weight Draw Lengths DL Adjustment Let-Off MSRP Price at HAA
Denali 345 fps 3.9 lbs 6.875″ +/- .125″ 45, 55, 60, 65, 70 XS Plus Cam: 28.5″-31″
PX3 Cam: 26.5″-28″
PXT Cam: 23″ – 26″
Modular (no press) 80% adj $1049 $949