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The bows from Xpedition Archery represent the finest purpose driven products for the advanced archer. Compact bows, performance driven speed bows, longer bows for stability, and the apex of single cam technology. Whether you hunt on your own “Back 40” or are on the hunt of your lifetime, Xpedition designs all of our bows to deliver when the opportunity you seek presents itself. At Xpedition Archery, every bow is designed to “Make Your Next Hunt an Xpedition”.

These Kevin Strother designed bows are an excellent example of engineering design and manufacturing excellence.  Strother has in the past designed bows for Bowtech, Elite and Obsession, and now has brought his engineering excellence to Xpedition. This move has allowed Strother to build a bow that is light, and shoots smoothly with minimal shock and vibration.

High Altitude Archery is pleased to be a supporter of and dealer for Xpedition bows.  If you’re looking for a new bow, be sure you stop by High Altitude Archery to try an Xpedition before you commit to anything else.  


In the constant quest to improve, a series of events began to unfold. A small change in manufacturing provided insight into a more consistent design. Then some high speed camera footage allowed an engineer to change a cam design to make a cam recover more consistently. Finally, string materials evolved and added another piece to the puzzle that allowed a previous roadblock to become a reality. Now, any concern can go away. For 2018 all factory cables, on all models, at all draw lengths and peak weights will come served with a micro diameter spectra material at the point of contact with the ATR. Rest assured that revolutionary simplicity will continue to perform for many years to come.