Cuatro Kruse


  • USA Archery Level 3-NTS Coach
  • Longbow Builder
  • 2017 Colorado State Indoor Champion
  • 2016 Rocky Mountain State Games Champion

Cuatro Kruse is an Artist, musician, craftsman, athlete, and archer born and raised in Durango, CO. He has loved archery since he was a child, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he picked up his first longbow and became thoroughly addicted to the sport. Since he has been working with High Altitude Archery, he has practiced hard almost every day and continues to grow in his passion for the recreational, competitive, and therapeutically meditative aspects of archery.

Before moving to Longmont in 2015, Cuatro traveled throughout the country, following the call of adventure and finding unique work as a chocolatier, natural/alternative builder, farmer, blacksmith, brewer, carpenter, plasterer, mason, cashier, herbal medicine apprentice, renewable energy technician, and permaculture designer. Before leaving Durango to explore, Cuatro apprenticed as a glassblower, built his own art studio and made a living as a professional glass artist for 10 years. During this time he also taught many private and group glassblowing lessons as well as outdoor demonstrations. Cuatro also traveled to Santiago, Chile to teach a 4 month intensive course on ultra low cost alternative green building techniques. He is very excited to combine his love of archery with his passion for helping others learn and expand their abilities.

When he is not shooting, Cuatro enjoys playing music, cycling, yoga, meditation, reading, rock climbing, gardening, woodworking, wire wrapping, and generally making things with his hands. He also has plans to set up a glassblowing studio in the area soon.