Spigarelli Barebow ILF Target Archery Riser

The Spigarelli Barebow is the go-to riser for top-level archers in field archery.  In fact, recent reports back from the 2016 NFAA Field Archery Nationals that nearly all top barebow competitors are using Spigarelli bows, and most of them are using the Barebow.

Spigarelli really has the needs of the barebow archer dialed in tight, and this bow is no exception.  It comes with pockets for two internal weights, and taps for 3 external weights suitable for use with NFAA and USA Archery specifications.  I know I would be a less successful archer without my Barebow, and if you’re into barebow shooting, your game will be raised.

This bow comes with the excellent Zero Tolerance Rest also from Spigarelli.  This is a fantastic arrow rest in its own right, but paired with this bow raises the bar for a seriously accurate yet forgiving setup.

We make a point of keeping this riser in stock at all times.