Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Micro Tune Rest - High Altitude Archery

The Hybrid Hunter Pro™ takes design elements from the proven VersaRest™ platform and puts them in a more streamlined package that is 20% lighter. The Zero Tolerance Technology™ is key to ensure that there is no play in the shaft and that the rotation action is silky smooth. The launcher shaft rides on two stainless steel ball bearings that won’t wear out, continuing to rotate smoothly shot after shot. The Hybrid Hunter Pro™ also adopts features like Zero Stop Technology™ for the up and down positions of the launcher which makes for a repeatable launcher position. The textured spring knob provides multiple adjust positions to change the rotation tension of the launcher shaft. Coupled with the 8 sided, non-slip, compression clamp design of the lever arm and the anti-bounce back damping coil give you all the elements for ultimate tunabiliy to maximize your accuracy.