Gillo GX 25" Aluminium Barebow Riser - High Altitude Archery

Specifically designed to offer younger archers, women, and any archer requiring a lighter mass weight riser
Best-in-class leading technology from the GT risers as far as poundage adjustment now packaged in lighter mass weight of 1170 g instead of 1350 g
Recurve & Barebow riser
ILF Limbs compatible
Floating limbs pockets allow over 30% poundage adjustment range
Limbs pockets compatible with GT limbs pockets
Yellow color Integrated Neoprene shock absorbers
Body and Pockets machined from solid Aluminum bar
Matte sandblasted anodized surface
Aluminum 7075 Limbs alignment plates
Special round seats for optional balancing weights
Stainless steel limbs bolts assembled in AL 7075 Silver anodized bodies
G03-YG-RH-M-YL Advanced plastic slim grip
1 front center Stainless Steel stabilizer bushing
Compatible with all G1 ,GQ, GT and G5 Bare Bow weights, grips and accessories