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Xpedition Archery is a USA manufacturer of compound bows.  Xpedition has a heritage of aerospace manufacturing, and with that experience can produce parts for their compound bows with a tolerance that exceeds their competition by an order of magnitude.  This allows bows produced by Xpedition to exceed the performance of other manufacturer’s equipment, while maintaining high consistency.

Don’t take our word for it – check out bow reviews at Gear JunkieAltitude Outdoors, and Field & Stream, where Xpedition Archery bows perform solidly, conclusively proving that it just ain’t all Matthews, Hoyt or PSE.

Come try Xpedition Archery equipment at High Altitude Archery, and feel the difference for yourself.

High Altitude Archery excels at setting up these bows as high-quality target archery bows with the support of accessories from Specialty Peeps, sights and stabilizers from Extreme Archery.