Three Reasons Archery is For Adults - High Altitude Archery

Most people we talk to these days believe that archery is more for kids rather than adults. This isn’t too shocking as most archery schools cater to young kids, and if you search terms like “benefits of archery” you’ll see a lot of articles written about why kids should get into the sport. You won’t see much out there for adults. We’re guilty of this too as we’ve written a few articles about why archery is great for kids, but we shouldn’t forget that archery is great for adults too. In fact, archery has a lot of benefits for adults, such as; getting into shape, reducing stress, and making new friends. All of which can drastically improve mental conditions and make each day easier to take on. Let’s go into further detail.

Stress Reduction

Physical activity has always been recommended as a good way to reduce stress as it increases your endorphins and lowers symptoms of depression and anxiety. Archers have to utilize their upper body and back in order to effectively shoot their arrows, making it a pretty physical sport that gets your endorphins running. 

However, that’s not the main reason why archery is great for stress reduction. In archery, you have to have a calm composure in order to maintain your focus. Breathing techniques are required to achieve this so you can hit the bullseye of the target. These breathing techniques also happen to be one of the most recommended methods to reduce stress and anxiety, so doing this for an hour while shooting arrows is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain a calm composure throughout your day.

Getting Into Shape

As previously stated, in archery you utilize your upper body and back in order to shoot your arrows and hit the targets. More specifically, you’ll be giving your triceps, deltoid, and your latissimus dorsi muscle groups a good workout while you train. In fact, training for one hour only drawing back the bow in an adult archery class can give you a pretty good workout on its own. Not to mention if you decide to go bowhunting, or 3D archery, you’ll also get in your steps for the day and workout your lower body crouching in position. So if you’re looking to get some exercise and get into shape, archery may be something to look into instead of an overpriced gym you probably won’t go to 😉

Making Friends

Believe it or not, archery is a social sport. It seems like the opposite because archers are always depicted as being lone wolves far away from contact with anyone else. But when you come to a range or participate in a league you’ll be surrounded by a positive community of archers who want to see you succeed. Many times we’ll see more experienced archers take someone under their wing and help them improve their aim & technique. Afterward, grab a drink with them in a celebration of a good training session. If you’re looking to make friends participating in adult archery classes or leagues could be a great way to do so.

Archery isn’t just for kids, it’s also for adults who want to reduce their stress, get into shape, and make new friends along their journey. Whether you’re interested in recreational archery or testing your skills against others in competition, adult archery is a fun and beneficial way to spend your free time.

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