The Mind-body Connection That Archery Provides - High Altitude Archery

When people want to find a sport that benefits their mind and their body, they look at yoga, kickboxing, and martial arts in Longmont. Sometimes they look at competition sports like a martial art for kids, but what happens when they want a sport in which the entire family can participate? That is where archery comes into the picture.

Archery Is a Competitive Sport for the Whole Family

The nature of archery is very much a mixture of team sports and solo sports. For that reason, archery is a perfect sport for everyone. The archery community is very welcoming to everyone, even people with special needs. It offers a great mind-body connection that adults seek and teaches life lessons that kids need.

Because the focus of competition in archery is on the individual, everyone competes at their own pace. Archery, however, is more than competing. It is a sport that teaches us about ourselves. It requires discipline over mind and body as form is a critical aspect of being an accurate archer. It also requires that we think about what we do. That process shuts out the rest of the world and allows us to be one with our body. By connecting the mind to the body we free ourselves to succeed.

The Mind-body Connection

Archery is not just a physical sport. It is also a sport that makes you think about what you are doing and how your body is reacting to what you do. Accuracy, in archery, is a mixture of perfect posture and concentration. The body does more to help you hit your target than just using your arms. Archery uses your entire body and mind to create a formidable athlete.

There is a need to feel confidence in what you do and in yourself and that is a skill that archery teaches you as you learn the sport. Another lesson that archery brings is that you are only limited in archery and life by your own restrictions. That is a life lesson that helps children develop the skills and courage to face the world. It is a lesson that is not lost on adults either.

Many people look at Tai Chi as a martial art that teaches balance and discipline while developing strength. Archery does the same things. Archery connects the mind to the body through purposeful actions with demonstrate results. You can see your progress immediately and that is a tool that builds both enthusiasm and confidence. The reward is yours to earn.

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