Samick Archery Products offered by High Altitude Archery - High Altitude Archery

High Altitude Archery is pleased to offer Samick Polaris and Sage recurve takedown bows as a fine example of recreational-level archery equipment.  Many of our students start their archery experience using Polaris bows.  Most of our rental stock are Samick Polaris bows that have been used for nearly a decade as training bows, and still hold up strong.

We appreciate the quality of materials and production afforded by these bows.

In particular, the Samick Sage bow is a superb example of a compact bow that reacts well to archers of all sizes. At a 62″ length the Sage provides a smooth and well engineered draw.  The Sage maintains this quality even with our archers with longer draw lengths — up to 31″ — without excessive stacking.