Rebecca - High Altitude Archery

Archery has always been something that has held an interest for me. I’m not sure why, something in the grace of the arrow flying through the air, or maybe the stillness of the archer before they loose the arrow. How I finally came into an archery shop looking for someone to get me started is unimportant, the learning started when I found Tom. From our very first lesson Tom has taken the time to show me not only the safety involved with archery but also making sure that I am not going to get hurt in the process by doing something out of my capabilities. Every lesson has brought on a new subtle challenge that has helped me progress along the way to becoming an archer. Tom has also encouraged me to join the archery community through local tournaments, something I look forward to starting. Tom has brought a sense of humor to every lesson and seems to enjoy watching me learn the art of archery as much as I have enjoyed learning it. It has been such a joy working with Tom that I look forward to having him coach me along my path; with his help I know it will be gracefully straight.