Long Distance Indoor Range - High Altitude Archery

55 Yard Indoor Range — Test Your Skill

High Altitude Archery, the largest indoor range in Colorado also has the longest public indoor range in Colorado. Test your skill against our 55 yard indoor range!

This range is open to any shooter capable of clearing the upper crossway. Compound bow, recurve bow or longbow shooters are welcomed to join in the fun. We can accommodate up to 6 shooters during our long distance hours. During this time, 20 yard shooters will be asked to wait until lanes are open.

No need to make an appointment, just drop in during long distance hours.

Phone: 720-491-3309
Email: info@highaltitudearchery.com

Common Questions

Do I have to shoot the full 55 yards? Not at all! It’s common for archers to move between distances between 30-50 yards throughout the session, and we also have mobile bales available to shorten the distance.

What if I’m not confident enough? We have pro shooters available to help you gain confidence. We’ll start close, and help you walk back while helping to adjust your equipment (if necessary) so that you’ll feel fully comfortable shooting the longer distance.

Available Times

Friday PM 7pm-9pm
Sunday AM 10am-12pm

$20 for the two hour session. 40cm paper target included.