Indoor Archer’s Readiness Checklist - High Altitude Archery

Do you have your arrows lined up?

As a coach, I often get asked how best to prepare for a tournament. Here is a basic checklist to have a successful tournament.

The week before

  • Check your string for fraying
  • Record your brace height
  • Inspect your rest
  • Inspect your arrow feathers/vanes

The night before

  • Eat a full, but not excessively large healthy dinner balanced with fiber, protein and healthy fats.
  • Avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks.
  • Lay out your clothes.
  • Double-check your bow case for all necessary parts: bow, string, limbs, tab/release, armguards, sight, weights, (marked) arrows, quiver, etc.
  • Plan a relaxing evening – shower/bath, board game, book.
  • Plan on getting a good night’s sleep – 6-8 quality hours.

The day of

  • Wake up on time.
  • Quality balanced breakfast with whole grains, proteins, healthy fats.
  • Limit caffeine or sugary drinks
  • Arrive about 1 hour before shooting begins for check-in.
  • Bring water & drink often
  • High quality snacks – no sugar or junk food.