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2017 First Bow-Building Summer Camp

Wow, we had a great group in our first bow building summer camp. This is an experience that nobody will forget, least of all our instructor Cuatro! Check out the awesome bows the kids were able to make. We’ve had so much positive response that we are adding an ADULT bow building class that will … Continued

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Seeking an Archery Instructor

Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen an influx of new students that has begun to exceed our capacity to teach them. In addition we are looking to add additional summer archery programs. In response, we are looking to hire a new instructor. Job Summary High Altitude Archery is seeking an archery instructor to foster … Continued

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Being the Best Coach We Can

At High Altitude Archery, we take great pride in our coaching philosophy. This transcends the techniques we teach; it is the core of what we are, how we relate to our students, and how we measure outcomes. We encourage our athletes to identify their own goals and look for ways to help them achieve their … Continued

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