Basic Beginner Bow Package - High Altitude Archery

One common question we hear is “how much does a basic bow package cost?”  While there are many factors that affect the final price of the package from the type of finger protection you choose to the arrows that work best with your bow, we can provide some basic guidelines to help.

Most beginners start with a wooden bow setup like the Samick Polaris or Sage. This economic choice offers the beginner the opportunity to shoot their own equipment, and qualifies for competition use with NFAA or USA Archery. You can upgrade to a metal target recurve bow if you prefer the style and precision of modern equipment.

Once you have your bow, you might consider attending some classes or lessons to improve your skill more rapidly.

Tax not included Total$ 312
1.Samick Polaris Bow, Complete$ 175
2.½ Dozen Predator II 800 Arrows, Complete$ 65
3.Aurora Basic Armguard$ 5
4.Bearpaw Glove$ 22
5.Avalon Archery Tec One Quiver$ 30
6.Bow Stringer$ 15

Upgrades to the basic beginner bow

Add Morrell bag target – Shoot safely in your yard$ 90
Upgrade to SF Forged + Riser – superior quality at an affordable price$ 175
… with SF Premium Plus Carbon Limbs – add additional snap to your shot$ 100
Upgrade to full dozen arrows – more shooting, less retrieving arrows$ 60
Carrying bag for bow – Keep things tidy when you’re not using your equipment$ 30