Arco Sport Spigarelli Risers offered by High Altitude Archery - High Altitude Archery

Spigarelli DMS RiserSpigarelli Barebow RiserSpigarelli is an Italian premiere manufacturer of archery risers.  In the last few years, their Barebow riser is the one used most frequently by top barebow competitors in the world field archery circuit.  As one of the only training centers that cater to barebow shooters, we can offer a wealth of experience in how the BB offers superior balance and forgivness to the barebow archer.

In addition to the BB, we also carry the DMS riser.  Its unusual shape makes it particularly well suited to Olympic Recurve style archery.  Pair this riser with a set of Win&Win carbon limbs, a Shibuya sight and Fuse target stabilizers for a truly exceptional configuration.