Archery for Adults - High Altitude Archery

Recreational archery is a great sport for adults.  With gift certificates purchasable online, gifting archery couldn’t be easier.

Adult male focuses on making the perfect archery shotA lot of people we talk to seem to think that our archery classes are only for kids.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The reality is that we have classes at all levels for adults too!  Adults have different goals thank kids when it comes to archery, but the benefits of practicing archery are similar.

Whether the plan is to become an archery competitor, a backwoods bowhunter or a shooter for fun, our archery programs can help adults achieve and exceed their archery goals.

Archery fun shootIn addition to the sheer joy of learning a primal skill and watching your scores improve, our training programs will help you focus mentally, improve your balance, and help strengthen your back and core.  The people you meet at High Altitude Archery are friendly and open, helping to build a better experience.

As you learn more about archery, you can join our weekly friendly competition leagues or participate in regional, state and national archery events with our other members and coaches.

High Altitude Archery is offering a 50% discount on our 4-week Level 1 archery class for adults.  Use the online code “FirstClassHalf” or follow the link to sign up.  Gift certificates are available online or in the store, and make a great option for active adults looking for a new kind of experience.

Words of Recommendation by Adults

“I really enjoyed taking the Level 1 course with Cuatro. He’s very clear, concise, professional & IMHO our group had a great time learning from him.” – Carrie R.

“Great place to learn archery from instructors who are passionate about the sport. It’s an open unassuming environment that makes for a comfortable place to learn and enjoy the sport!” – Joshua M.

“Great fun taking my Level 1 class – the teacher was patient and kind and it made the experience all the more wonderful! Thanks!” – Monika P.