Archery as an Intramural Sport - High Altitude Archery

Summer vacation has come to another QUICK end. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change, and there is a slight “nip” to the air. This is the time when high school athletes start thinking about Fall sports.


Intramural sports have historically helped young people learn important character-based lessons such as discipline, confidence, and teamwork – which is exactly why parents are in favor of sports programs for their children.


While high school sports are the first place we look for our kids between ages 14-18, more and more high schools are turning kids away because they simply don’t have enough room on the team for EVERYONE to play. More and more high schools are running competitive tryouts, where only the top athletes will get a place on the team with a uniform and a great feeling of community. And if your high school-aged kid has not made the team, it is even harder to find community sports teams within this age bracket. Enter ARCHERY!


So you didn’t make the team? No worries! Archery is the perfect sport to get into – and most young people get hooked on it pretty fast. By taking lessons and joining available leagues, you’ll find that the community is amazing.


Are you curious what you or your child might get out of archery? We go into detail below on the main character-based traits we believe makes an incredible archer.



Confidence is key to success wherever you go, whether its taking a math test or asking for a raise from your boss – without confidence you’re likely to fail. Building confidence comes from within; confidence comes from knowing you can achieve anything you set your mind to because you’ve done difficult things in the past, and came out on top. You apply past struggles to new ones, knowing that no matter what – YOU CAN DO THIS.


Archery is a great way for kids and teens to learn this valuable lesson. We’ve seen it firsthand many times. Students generally come in with very little archery knowledge. Through coaching and practicing proper techniques, they will eventually be able to hit the middle of their targets. We continue to make the obstacles harder by adding challenges to them, but the lessons they learned before will carry over as they tackle the new obstacles. Everything we just talked about builds solid, long-lasting confidence. 



Our world lacks patience. This should be obvious because we live in a society where everything is RIGHT NOW. You order something on and it is at your door the next morning. You don’t have to wait for the server to bring your check anymore. We’ve basically become a society of Verruca Salts (“give it to me NOW!”).

In a way, patience has become a very sought after skill, and the sooner you master it the better off you will be. Archery is a great way to hone in on patience as a skill – because NOBODY starts off as a master. Of course, there are people who have a natural talent for archery, but there are others that say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master ANYTHING. Working hard and allowing your skills to properly develop over time (with patience) is a rare skill, and archery really helps to drive that forward.


This skill isn’t exclusive to archery. It has its roots in everything we do. The person who is trying to rush through everything is at a disadvantage because we’ve never ONCE seen anything good come out of a situation where people were cutting corners. Real skill takes time, and the desire to build real skills takes patience.



In addition to patience and confidence, leadership is one of the most desired and sought after skills anyone can obtain. Being able to inspire others to reach their aspirations is not only rewarding, but it is amazing in and of itself. We see this all the time in archery. Kids who are well on their way to mastery in archery will generally start to guide others in their age bracket who are just starting off. It’s truly inspiring to watch them help one another; archery is a collaborative sport. This type of behavior never ends at the range, and that it will be applied outside of archery at school, in other sports, and in future careers. Our students don’t just become a leader at the range, they become a leader in LIFE.


These are only a few of the skills that archery can hone, but trust us there are many more that come with it. So if your kid wasn’t able to make the team this year, no worries! Stop by our range in Longmont, CO to see if archery is a good fit for your young athlete! We have everything they need to get started: A pro shop to get your child properly outfitted, instructors that can get them started on the fundamentals, range time so they can start to hone their skills on their own schedule, and leagues so they can compete and have fun. We hope to see you soon!