3D Tournament April 2018 Results - High Altitude Archery

Thank you so much for being a part of our first, of many, 3D tournaments. We had a blast, and we hope you did too. We recognize there were some hiccups, but we feel like we worked through them and have learned for next time what we can do better. Can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Photos of our event are posted here.

Pro Division

First Name Last Name Division Score
Keith Douglas Pro 322
Adam Dillon Pro 321
Dillon Sether Pro 320
Chad Whitmoyer Pro 318
Travis Bowling pro 318
Brad Rosten Pro 315
Austin Barry Pro 312
Brandon Powell pro 312
Derek Novotny Pro 305
Nate Orona Pro 300

Compound Adult Division

First Name Last Name Division Score
Shawn Makor Compound Adult 314
Tracy Habecker Compound Adult 310
Matt Bassman Compound Adult 309
Jeremy Patten Compound Adult 308
Travis Wright Compound Adult 307
Darby Dominguez Compound Adult 305
Richard Arellano Compound Adult 304
Toni Gracey Compound Adult 301
Ryan Burke Compound Adult 301
Kevin Stark Compound Adult 300
Cody Sweet Compound Adult 297
Marchio Jeff Compound Adult 296
Dash Eeeks Compound Adult 296
Jared Roman Compound Adult 294
Jamie Arellano Compound Adult 290
Megan Sether Compound Adult 290
brandon allshouse Compound Adult 288
Chris Goodman Compound Adult 283
Avery Trainer Compound Adult 279
Dan Peck Compound Adult 277
Scott Porter Compound Adult 272
Richelle Bowling Compound Adult 269
Hallie Groff Compound Adult 267
Steven Arellano Compound Adult 266
Dena Stark Compound Adult 266
Chris Gardner Compound Adult 252
Erin Schreiber Compound Adult 244
Brian Goreck Compound Adult 0
James Westers Compound Adult 0

Compound Youth Division

First Name Last Name Division Score
Walker Cameron Compound Youth 309
Gage Douglas Compound Youth 294
Kyle Patten Compound Youth 293
Ian Donner Compound Youth 272
Jacob Hopkins Compound Youth 226

Traditional Adult Division

First Name Last Name Division Score
Eric White Traditional Adult 241
Joshua Crusch Traditional Adult 233
John Parkenson Traditional Adult 230
Morgan White Traditional Adult 198
Patrick Milostan Traditional Adult 180
Chris Martin Traditional Adult 178
Glenn Mitchell Traditional Adult 149

Traditional Youth Division

First Name Last Name Division Score
Charlie Mitchell Traditional Youth 189
Trinity Brubaker Traditional Youth 155
Ty Foster Traditional Youth 141
Ainsley Habecker Traditional Youth 112
Daniel Li Traditional Youth 104
Ava Styve Traditional Youth 80