2017 Archery Summer Camps Offered by High Altitude Archery - High Altitude Archery

Interested in Archery?

This summer, High Altitude Archery is offering indoor archery summer camps for children and teens.

Update: All Filled

Thanks to everyone! We had a great set of camps this year. The rest of our camps are full. Be on the lookout for a special camp over the winter break, and of course the return of camps in Summer 2018.

Class 1 summer camp graduates

Beginning Archery Camp

At the Beginning Archery camp, students aged 7 and up at High Altitude Archery will not only learn basic archery skills, but they will also work with a master bow builder to create a functional bow and arrow they can take with them.

Each camp is 8 days – 4 days for two weeks.  These camps will be three hours each day from 10am – 1pm. Daily, this camp will include archery instruction in the basic 4-step shot process, ensuring safe practices and laying the foundation for more advanced skills. To lighten the mood, archery games such as “battleship”, “dart-chery”, “tic-tac-toe”, and zombie shoots will help practice skills in a fun way. The highlight of this camp will be the creation and decoration of a working longbow made from rattan with several cedar arrows, which will be used on the final day in a shoot-off competition.


All sessions are from 10am-1pm Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.

Session 1 June 5th-June 15th
Session 2 June 19th-June 29th
Session 3 July 10th-June 20th
Session 4 July 24th-August 3rd

Camp Cost: $325

Advanced Archery Camp

Here, students will have a shorter 2-hour, 8-day schedule focused on more advanced archery, and introducing the concept of archery competition.

Students in this class are expected to know basic range safety and to be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic 4-step shot process.

Students in the advanced camp will learn and practice consistency and accuracy. At the same time, students will be taught basic body mechanics, and strengthening exercises designed to strengthen core, upper body and back muscles in support of archery. As mental focus is a difficult component of archery, mindfulness practices such as meditation and introspection will also be taught.

Concepts common in archery competition will be practiced. Students will learn how to respond correctly to competition range commands, to score correctly, and to behave with grace and sportsmanship on the shooting line.

At the completion of this class, shooters have the necessary skills to join the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) competition team.


All sessions are from 3:30-5:30pm Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.

Session 1 June 19th-June 29th
Session 2 July 24th-August 3rd

Camp Cost: $275