Triple Crown Event 3 - Lancaster 300 - Longmont Indoor Archery Range

Triple Crown Event 3 of 3

Join us for just a bit of fun in a lighthearted tournament setting. Choose your division, and join us at your chosen time from 4/2 through 4/3 – just call to ensure there’s space!

The second tournament is a Lancaster-style single or 3-spot target.

Tournament is as follows, generally following NFAA division rules.

  • Lancaster single or 3-spot vertical target
  • 300 Round (3 arrows x 10 ends + bonus point for X)
  • Compounds are either Bowhunter or Open
  • Bowhunters may not have magnification lens
  • Stabilizer length limited to 12″ for Bowhunter
Questions about styles or operations? Feel free to call (720-491-3309) or email (

Available shooting times will be:
Friday @ 6:30
Saturday @ 1:00
Saturday @ 3:00

Please select one shooting time during registration to help us plan – we can change it later if your plans change.


Bookings are closed for this event.