Tuesday Leagues 2017

Something different this year!


Yep, that's right. This year, we'll have prizes at the end of the tournament series.

How does it work?

This series, participation and placement will earn you raffle entries. At the end of the tournament series, we will be raffling off a variety of prizes. The more you participate, the more raffle tickets you earn, and the greater your chance of winning will be.

How much does it cost, and when will they be?

Each League Night event will cost $10. Prepayment for leagues will be $100 for 10 entries, but affords you additional, automatic raffle registrations (see below). JOAD team members will be able to enter for 50% off. Tournament leagues will be held on the following Tuesday nights from 6:45 until roughly 8:30:
  • October 10
  • October 17
  • October 24
  • October 31
  • November 7
  • November 14
  • November 28
  • December 5
  • December 12
  • December 19 (Final Drawing!)
Leagues will continue on Tuesdays through April, and
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Compound Equipment Service and Sales

Make no mistake about it, High Altitude Archery does sell and service compound bow equipment. For new equipment, in addition to the exception Xpedition Archery bows, we offer releases (thumb, back and index finger), sights, scopes, peeps, stabilizers, stands, arrows, broadheads, and more.  Our expert staff will help you identify which equipment will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Are you trying to decide between a new release or scope?  We invite you to come and inspect the equipment first-hand and talk with the experts.

Need Compound Bow Maintenance?

Whether you are looking for a new custom string and cable set to be installed for the season, or looking for a tweak to the draw length or weight High Altitude has you covered. Along with strings, we can install new string peeps, D-loops, drop-away arrow rests, and any other accessories you might need added. If you just need a tune-up we can help there too.  We can verify and adjust draw weight, draw length, nock location, center serving and more. String, cable and safety inspections are always free. Once you're satisfied your equipment is in good working order, our technicians can rough-in any remaining tuning items, or you can work with one of our instructors to fine-tune your shot from the archer forward. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note using our contact form, or call us at (720) 491-3309.
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Bow making interest form

We're in the process of setting up a bow making class for youth and adults! As we get closer, we want to be able to provide you with more information. Use the form below to sign up for additional information as it arrives!
Tools Used
Bandsaw, Sanding Station, Rasp, File, Tillering Jig
Stock selection, species selection, bow length, draw length, tiller tuning, grip forming
Fun! Friends! A working bow!

Subscribe to Aspiring Boyers Mailing List

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Basic Beginner Bow Package

One common question we hear is "how much does a basic bow package cost?"  While there are many factors that affect the final price of the package from the type of finger protection you choose to the arrows that work best with your bow, we can provide some basic guidelines to help. 702
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2017 First Bow-Building Summer Camp

Wow, we had a great group in our first bow building summer camp. This is an experience that nobody will forget, least of all our instructor Cuatro! Check out the awesome bows the kids were able to make. We've had so much positive response that we are adding an ADULT bow building class that will involve different kinds of wood, more complex designs, and heavier tools.
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2017 Adult & Youth Outdoor Programs

The joy of archery heads outdoors this summer with several programs at our outdoor sites. All outdoor locations require close toed shoes and owned archery equipment. Keep an eye on your confirmation email to find out if you need to fill out an additional waiver.

Outdoor Private Lessons

Hone your skills with an instructor at an outdoor range capable of shooting up to 100 yards. Get pointers on how to aim at longer distances building strength, accuracy and focus.

Outdoor Group Classes

Learn and practice skills required to excel in the outdoor environment. Learn how to deal with environmental conditions such as wind, sun and other conditions Mother Nature throws your way.

Outdoor JOAD Team

Discover your child's inner competitor. This youth competition team meets several times per week to practice for competitions that are held at a variety of venues around the state and country during the summer. All skill levels welcome! Ages 8+
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Custom Weights for Aspiring Barebow Shooters

High Altitude Archery is proud to announce a partnership with Phoenix Weaponry to create weights customized to the needs of barebow shooters. Note the "mushroom" shaped weight, designed to fit around limb bolts or other riser features such as the knuckle guard on the DMS riser and provide a full 12oz of weight. The larger mass weight is a full 18oz providing additional stability. These weights are designed to remain within a USA Archery compliant barebow setup. We also offer a larger brass internal weight for Spigarelli risers giving additional 10oz counterweight. Call or stop by for more details.
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The Mind-body Connection That Archery Provides

When people want to find a sport that benefits their mind and their body, they look at yoga, kickboxing, and martial arts in Longmont. Sometimes they look at competition sports like a martial art for kids, but what happens when they want a sport in which the entire family can participate? That is where archery comes into the picture.

Archery Is a Competitive Sport for the Whole Family

The nature of archery is very much a mixture of team sports and solo sports. For that reason, archery is a perfect sport for everyone. The archery community is very welcoming to everyone, even people with special needs. It offers a great mind-body connection that adults seek and teaches life lessons that kids need. Because the focus of competition in archery is on the individual, everyone competes at their own pace. Archery, however, is more than competing. It is a sport that teaches us about ourselves. It requires discipline over mind and body as form is a critical aspect of being an accurate archer. It also requires that we think about what we do. That process shuts out the rest of the world and allows us to be one with our body. By connecting the mind to the body we free ourselves to succeed.

The Mind-body Connection

Archery is not just a physical sport. It is also a sport that makes you think about what you are doing and how your body is reacting to what you do. Accuracy, in archery, is a mixture of perfect posture
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Seeking an Archery Instructor

Over the last several weeks, we've seen an influx of new students that has begun to exceed our capacity to teach them. In addition we are looking to add additional summer archery programs. In response, we are looking to hire a new instructor.

Job Summary

High Altitude Archery is seeking an archery instructor to foster growth of archers, promote archery as a sport and activity, and to facilitate growth of the archery program at High Altitude. The successful candidate will be required to work with all levels of athletes at all levels of skill and age categories. Strong communication skills are mandatory.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assist with program development and coordination.
  • Assist in overseeing the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program and other community-based archery programs.
  • Assist in conducting community-based archery programs, including college teams, leagues, tournaments and events.
  • Assist, or conduct, archery instructor training courses.
  • Assist with record keeping for facility archery programs.
  • Assist in promotional efforts to increase programs and participation.
  • Manage and inventory the facilityʼs archery program equipment.
  • Travel, as needed, to coaching seminars and other functions related to the job.

Skill & Knowledge Requirements

  • A strong archery background.
  • USA Archery Level 2 Instructor Certification, or ability to obtain.
  • Have a personality suitable in dealing with children and adults in a public environment on a daily basis.
  • Willing to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends when necessary.
  • Have the physical ability to assist in moving targets on and off the ranges as needed.
  • Be able to work in an English-speaking environment.
  • Have a valid driverʼs license.

Personal Attributes

  • Demonstrate commitment, drive and initiative to achieve facility and
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