Bow making interest form

We're in the process of setting up a bow making class for youth and adults! As we get closer, we want to be able to provide you with more information. Use the form below to sign up for additional information as it arrives!
Tools Used
Bandsaw, Sanding Station, Rasp, File, Tillering Jig
Stock selection, species selection, bow length, draw length, tiller tuning, grip forming
Fun! Friends! A working bow!

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2017 First Bow-Building Summer Camp

Wow, we had a great group in our first bow building summer camp. This is an experience that nobody will forget, least of all our instructor Cuatro! Check out the awesome bows the kids were able to make. We've had so much positive response that we are adding an ADULT bow building class that will involve different kinds of wood, more complex designs, and heavier tools.
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2017 Adult & Youth Outdoor Programs

The joy of archery heads outdoors this summer with several programs at our outdoor sites. All outdoor locations require close toed shoes and owned archery equipment. Keep an eye on your confirmation email to find out if you need to fill out an additional waiver.

Outdoor Private Lessons

Hone your skills with an instructor at an outdoor range capable of shooting up to 100 yards. Get pointers on how to aim at longer distances building strength, accuracy and focus.

Outdoor Group Classes

Learn and practice skills required to excel in the outdoor environment. Learn how to deal with environmental conditions such as wind, sun and other conditions Mother Nature throws your way.

Outdoor JOAD Team

Discover your child's inner competitor. This youth competition team meets several times per week to practice for competitions that are held at a variety of venues around the state and country during the summer. All skill levels welcome! Ages 8+
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The Mind-body Connection That Archery Provides

When people want to find a sport that benefits their mind and their body, they look at yoga, kickboxing, and martial arts in Longmont. Sometimes they look at competition sports like a martial art for kids, but what happens when they want a sport in which the entire family can participate? That is where archery comes into the picture.

Archery Is a Competitive Sport for the Whole Family

The nature of archery is very much a mixture of team sports and solo sports. For that reason, archery is a perfect sport for everyone. The archery community is very welcoming to everyone, even people with special needs. It offers a great mind-body connection that adults seek and teaches life lessons that kids need. Because the focus of competition in archery is on the individual, everyone competes at their own pace. Archery, however, is more than competing. It is a sport that teaches us about ourselves. It requires discipline over mind and body as form is a critical aspect of being an accurate archer. It also requires that we think about what we do. That process shuts out the rest of the world and allows us to be one with our body. By connecting the mind to the body we free ourselves to succeed.

The Mind-body Connection

Archery is not just a physical sport. It is also a sport that makes you think about what you are doing and how your body is reacting to what you do. Accuracy, in archery, is a mixture of perfect posture
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2017 Archery Summer Camps Offered by High Altitude Archery

Interested in Archery?

This summer, High Altitude Archery is offering indoor archery summer camps for children and teens.

Update: All Filled

Thanks to everyone! We had a great set of camps this year. The rest of our camps are full. Be on the lookout for a special camp over the winter break, and of course the return of camps in Summer 2018.

Beginning Archery Camp

At the Beginning Archery camp, students aged 7 and up at High Altitude Archery will not only learn basic archery skills, but they will also work with a master bow builder to create a functional bow and arrow they can take with them. Each camp is 8 days - 4 days for two weeks.  These camps will be three hours each day from 10am - 1pm. Daily, this camp will include archery instruction in the basic 4-step shot process, ensuring safe practices and laying the foundation for more advanced skills. To lighten the mood, archery games such as "battleship", "dart-chery", "tic-tac-toe", and zombie shoots will help practice skills in a fun way. The highlight of this camp will be the creation and decoration of a working longbow made from rattan with several cedar arrows, which will be used on the final day in a shoot-off competition.


All sessions are from 10am-1pm Monday through
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Programs find value in archery as a therapy to treat PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health conditions

Many people enjoy archery as a recreational activity or as a competition sport. There are so many incredible benefits like improved focus, better coordination, and increased upper body strength, that make it a great physical activity. However, archery also unites mind, body, and spirit making it a very Zen experience. It has a calming effect that helps the archer feel centered and focused. Doctors, psychologists, and counselors are also recognizing the benefits of this art and are recommending it for their patients who suffer from a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, autism, and PTSD. 484
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5 Reasons for Kids to Learn Archery

With the rise of movies like Brave, the Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings and The Avengers' Hawkeye, archery is starting to come back into popular culture.  Beyond just a fad, the practice of archery promotes skills and behaviors we all hope to see in our children.

Here are 5 Reasons for Kids (or Anyone) to Learn Archery

1. Learning Mental Focus

Archery is a very mental sport.  In recreation, archers strive to execute the shot process over and over.  Depending on the archery range and style of archer, you may be shooting at the same target, or moving from target to target along an outdoor course. In competition, archers must shoot 20 rounds of 3 arrows each within 2 minutes, followed by a 2 minute wait for the next line, and some extra time to score.  A typical indoor competition can last between 4-6 hours, and a competitor must keep focused during that time. In either case, archers must work their shot process without overthinking it, and not be thrown off by the inevitable bad shot.

2. Building Physical Awareness & Strength

It should be obvious that archery requires physical strength in the back and shoulder.  What is less obvious is that archery also requires solid core strength, a good sense of balance and awareness of body positioning and movement. Our archery students learn how to strengthen their bodies and improve balance and awareness with specific drills and technique practice.

3. Achieving a Sense of Accomplishment

Many kids have had less than favorable experiences
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Archery for Adults

Recreational archery is a great sport for adults.  With gift certificates purchasable online, gifting archery couldn't be easier. Adult male focuses on making the perfect archery shotA lot of people we talk to seem to think that our archery classes are only for kids.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  The reality is that we have classes at all levels for adults too!  Adults have different goals thank kids when it comes to archery, but the benefits of practicing archery are similar. Whether the plan is to become an archery competitor, a backwoods bowhunter or a shooter for fun, our archery programs can help adults achieve and exceed their archery goals. Archery fun shootIn addition to the sheer joy of learning a primal skill and watching your scores improve, our training programs will help you focus mentally, improve your balance, and help strengthen your back and core.  The people you meet at High Altitude Archery are friendly and open, helping to build a better experience. As you learn more about archery, you can join our weekly friendly competition leagues or participate in regional, state and national archery events with our other members and coaches. High Altitude Archery is offering a 50% discount on our 4-week Level 1 archery class for adults.  Use the online code "FirstClassHalf" or follow the link to sign up.  Gift certificates are available online or in the store, and make
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