Custom Strings and Cables - $150 For Full Set - Material of Your Choice

Custom Strings and Cables

Maximize Performance With New Strings and Cables


One item you don’t want to skimp on is your bow string. Whether you’re hiking through the forest stalking a herd of elk, or you’re on the line at a high stakes tournament, you must have a string that you can count on.

High Altitude Archery does custom string and cable sets for any compound bow. Our price is $150 including installation, with your choice of material. Our standard service includes some range time to paper tune your setup and make sure your bow is set up for optimal mechanical efficiency.

The same service is available to recurve shooters, but the price is just $45 for a string with your choice of material.

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When do you need a new string?

We’re often asked when you need a new string. We look at the condition of the existing string, rather than the age of the string, to tell us when. Strings that start to fray as on the left, or have serving separation as below are in need of replacement.

If you have any questions about your string, bring in your bow and we’ll be happy to have a look with you. The one thing nobody wants is to have a string break at a critical time.

Old Strings Have Reduced Performance

Old strings aren’t just dangerous, the also have performance issues. The “fraying” effect that you see is small portions of the strands breaking under stress. This breakage will cause the string to elongate which reduces arrow speed and accuracy.

Serving separations as shown to the right will lead to less smooth action of the strings and cables over the cam increasing vibration, noise and also reducing accuracy.

Strings Made With a Passion for Excellence

Our strings are built with a passion for excellence. We use quality products from BCY Fibers. We primarily recommend 452x for modern compound bows, and 8125 for older compounds and modern recurves.

Each of the strings we produce goes through a 10 step process including a 24-hour stretching period at 400# of pressure for strings to ensure zero creep and perfectly stable peep location. Our turnaround time on strings is generally 3-5 days.

Email ( or call (720-491-3309) for more information, or just bring your bow by for an inspection or to set up a replacement.