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High Altitude Archery specializes in stocking a broad range of archery equipment focused on the needs of the competitive archer. Here you will find USA Archery approved equipment such as stabilizers, sights, strings, dampeners, arrows, and everything else imaginable.

Traditional Archers have Found Their Shop

Are you having trouble finding traditional archery equipment and supplies? We stock leather quivers, bow stands, leather shooting gloves and arm guards, arrow rests and much more. Also, if we don’t have it in stock, we are happy to order it for you.

We Make Sure You Get the Perfect Fit

Set up an appointment for a free fitting to ensure you get the perfect bow for your body size and skill level. It’s no fun to buy sporting equipment and then find out a few weeks later that it wasn’t the right fit. At High Altitude Archery, we strive to make sure that never happens to you!

We stock many types and sizes of recurve bows for both traditional and target archery. At your bow fitting, you can try out the different bows that we have, and if we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll order it for you. We have fitted dozens of archers by measuring draw length, calculating the proper draw weight while still maintaining proper shooting form, and paying close attention to their budgets.

Summer is Here; It’s Time To Shoot Outdoors

We know that it’s important to shoot indoors to perfect your form or when it’s cold and dark outside, but now summer is here! We have targets for your backyard or garage shooting range. High Altitude Archery is collecting the regulations for the various cities and counties in our area so ask us today what the rules are for where you live.

All targets are NOT created equal. If you’re going to invest in a target, you want to ensure it will last a long time and doesn’t allow any arrows to go through where you don’t want them. All targets sold at High Altitude Archery are of the highest quality and come in various shapes and sizes to fit your needs. We have smaller targets to take with you on your camping trip and larger ones for your basement or backyard. We also have some deer targets in case you want to practice for hunting.


Arrows! The bow is only half of the equipment equation – making sure you have the proper weight and stiffness of arrow is necessary for safety and to ensure you’re getting the results you deserve after all of your hard work. We will fit your arrows to your bow, your draw weight and length and you can, of course, customize them with your favorite colors. We have arrows all fletched up in the most typical sizes, or you can order the feather colors and combinations of your choice. You can buy arrows by the dozen or half dozen.

Read more about our process for selecting the right gear.

We also have arrows to fit even the most challenging sized archer. We have arrows perfect for the 5-year-old just learning how to shoot or for the 6’5” man with an incredibly long draw length. We take great pride in researching to find the best fit for all of his archers.

4 thoughts on “Archery Equipment

  1. Most modern bows have the feature where you can vary the bows draw weight which in turn can change the bows tiller. To change the bow weight/ tiller you simply use an “Allan” key and screw in or out each limb. In to increase bow weight and out to decrease bow weight.

    Ideally bows should be set up with the bow weight set in the mid setting. The tiller is a measurement which indicates the weight difference between the top and bottom limb. It is important as the grip (pivot point) of the bow is usually in the centre of the bow but the arrow rest and nocking point are positioned above the centre. This means the bottom limb is longer then the top and should be set slightly heavier in weight to give a consistent bend at full draw.

    The amount of tiller difference between top and bottom has an effect on the bows reaction upon release and the archer’s ability to aim and hold steady at fully draw

    1. Bow tuning is a critical part of ensuring a safe and successful archery outing, be it a hunting or target competition endeavor. This is one reason it’s critical that you purchase your equipment from a reputable shop with a staff that is dedicated to a high quality of service.

      Buying online is tricky, because that’s where a lot of manufacturers offload lower quality items like limbs that have higher tolerances, and defects like heat warping can arise in transport. If you choose to buy online, look for limbs that can be selected in 2# increments. Also note that not all recurve bows have adjustable limb bolts. The very popular Samick Polaris, Sage and Journey for instance use fixed bolts. To get adjustable limb bolts you’ll have to move up to TradTech or the Win&Win Black Wolf series of ILF risers.

      Even experienced archers will also want to visit a local shop to have strength and form tested to make sure you are getting a weight that matches your ability while providing you a challenge, and your draw length measured. Draw lengths that exceed the AMO standard of 27.5″ will result in a draw weight higher than published, while lower draw lengths have the opposite effects.

  2. I’m going to get a Samick Sage for my birthday next month. I used to love shooting a cheap recurve when I was a kid, but haven’t picked up a bow in years. From what I have read a Samick Sage is a decent bow to start with. I plan on getting 25# limbs so I can focus on learning decent form. I was looking at the 3 Rivers Samick Sage package. Is the package worth it, or does it come with a bunch of junk? I’m not saying that it is junk, I just honestly don’t know. Would I do better to spend a few more dollars and get better accessories to get started?

    I also think I would want more than three arrows to get started. Can anyone point me to a discussion or tutorial a beginner would understand about the differences in types of arrows for a beginner with a 25# recurve bow? Any recommendations on arrows or other equipment would be appreciated. At this point I am only interested in backyard target shooting. If I eventually work up to appropriate limbs I will think about hunting, but I am sure that is a while away and not a concern at this point. I don’t think I would ever get into competitive archery, just not my nature.

    Thank you, I look forward to learning from you.

    1. Hi Mitch,

      I honestly can’t comment on what the 3 Rivers package comes with. All you really need is the bow, limbs, string, nock points, arrows, armguard and finger protection. I do recommend three optional accessories: (1) A tip protector, which helps to keep your limbs from getting scuffed, (2) an arrow rest, because while you can shoot off the shelf, an arrow rest is more accurate and causes less wear on the feathers, and (3) a bow stringer for safely stringing and destringing your bow.

      Starting at 25# is a great idea, and Sage is a great bow. At our shop, most people wind up spending about $350 for the bow and all the accessories after spending 30-90 minutes trying out the bow and a variety of accessories. When was the last time you could try something on at an online store?

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