Kristin Hanak - High Altitude Archery

Hi! I am Coach Kristin! I am one of the High Altitude Hitmen JOAD coaches. I got my start in archery almost 5 years ago right here at High Altitude. My daughter was taking archery lessons and competing, and we were spending 5-6 days per week at the range. I decided since I was spending so much time here that I ought to try out archery myself. What I discovered is that I really love to shoot my bow! There is nothing more satisfying than to hear the “THWACK” of an arrow hitting a target after a really long day. Archery allows you to forget all your frustrations, calm yourself and just focus on your process and the shot — nothing else matters at that moment. I currently shoot Olympic Recurve; I love to shoot for fun, but I also enjoy competing.

I have been a pediatric nurse for over 20 years and teaching nursing for almost 15 years. I felt that coaching JOAD was a perfect fit that allowed me to meld two very important parts of my life – working with children, and teaching. I received my Level 2 USA Archery coaching certification in early 2014. I decided that I enjoyed coaching so much that I went on and obtained my Level 3 Coach certification in May 2015. In my coaching classes I learned the National Training System (NTS) and enjoy coaching NTS. I consider coaching a privilege and a responsibility. I must share my passion for the sport with my athletes but also need to hear their needs and find ways to help them ignite their own passion for archery. It is my responsibility to take every opportunity I have to continue to improve my coaching skills and learn as much as I can about the sport of archery and pass this along to my archers. It is also my responsibility as a coach to model my behavior and attitudes to what I want to see in our athletes. Archery is not about winning, it is about challenging yourself to be the best person you can be both in and outside the range. If I have accomplished that with an athlete then I consider that a win.

When I am not teaching or coaching I enjoy racewalking long races, riding a tandem bike with my husband (yes, I pedal too), scrapbooking, reading and traveling. I look forward to working with the JOAD team.


  • USA Archery Level 3-NTS Coach
  • Pediatric Nurse