JR Gregory - High Altitude Archery

JR has had a love for the outdoors since he was very young. His uncle and other close family friends would take him on bird hunts and fishing trips. As he grew, he learned the techniques of waterfowl calling and hunting, turkey hunting, chasing pheasants across the plains of Kansas, stalking grouse across Wyoming, and matching a bug hatch while fly-fishing the famous rivers of Montana. During all this, JR developed an interest in archery and has never looked back.

After purchasing his first compound bow in 1998 and receiving a few pointers from a co-worker, he set out to the range and began learning what it takes to shoot archery. From that year and through the next 20+, he has been hooked on the sport. Whether hunting, shooting a competition, or just a day at the range with his daughter and some friend’s archery has evolved into a passion. His daughter shares his love of the sport as well; she shoots in USA Archery JOAD program and has recently found the joy of bow hunting.

He has twin sons who are 2 years old. The boys have shown that they also enjoy the sport, even if they only shoot a handful of arrows in the basement while Dad is working on bows, they have a desire and love shooting. JR’s passion for archery, teaching, and introducing people to the sport has led him to obtain his coaching certifications. He loves seeing newcomers progress and develop their skills, as well as helping more experienced archers improve skills that they may be working on.