Greg Henry - High Altitude Archery

I am Coach Greg aka “The Bandit Archer”. I started shooting here at High Altitude about 2 years ago and completely fell in love with it. In summer 2017, I decided that I wanted to share my love of archery and start teaching. To that end, I started training to become an instructor under Coach Cuatro, received my Level 2 USA Archery coaching certification in December 2017, and have been teaching solo since January 2018. I shoot barebow recurve, mostly for fun but my long-term goal is to start competing.

I have had the privilege to study under and work with some amazing people and I try to pass everything that I’ve learned and discovered on to my students. I like to challenge my students to continually improve while still being able to have fun and be safe. I love teaching all age ranges, from my 6-9 year old kids classes all the way up to my adult classes. Each class offers different challenges, both in terms of how to teach and what to teach, and gives me the opportunity to improve myself and my teaching every class.

I am a full-time software engineer during the day, but when I’m not coding or teaching archery, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, hiking, rock climbing, reading, playing board games, cooking, playing music, and studying languages.