Edward “Cuatro” Kruse IV - High Altitude Archery

Edward Kruse IV (AKA Coach Cuatro) Is a full time archer, coach, and bowyer (bow maker). Cuatro has dedicated himself to practicing and teaching the fine art of archery to ALL people interested, whatever their skill level or background may be. He is passionate about all aspects of archery, whether competitive or recreational, and strives to bring a strong element of mindfulness and meditation into his teaching/coaching practice. He sees archery as a pure mind/body activity, a way to help himself, and other people reach their full potential, not only as athletes and archers, but as human beings.

When he is not shooting, teaching, or making bows, Cuatro enjoys playing music, cycling, reading, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, gardening, woodworking, wire wrapping, and generally making things with his hands. Before discovering archery, he apprenticed as a glassblower and made his living as an artist for 10 years. He is also passionate about ecological lifestyles, green building, and permaculture.

Coach Cuatro is grateful to have formed such an awesome partnership with High Altitude Archery, and looks forward to many years of coaching and shooting together with Colorado’s growing archery community.


  • USA Archery Level 3-NTS Coach
  • Longbow Builder
  • 2017 Colorado State Indoor Champion
  • 2016 Rocky Mountain State Games Champion