Rey Cortez - High Altitude Archery

My name is Reyes Cortez (Rey) for short.  I have been shooting a bow since I was 4 yrs old when my parents gave me my first bow.  I have grown up with archery and competed in many different tournaments on the local and state level and recently in past 5 years have started competing nationally and Internationally.  I am a 4 time state champion for the state of Texas and have over 125 trophies for the sport.  Archery has been a passion of mine since I can remember.  I joined the High Altitude Team back in June 2019 moving my Wife Lacie and our 4 kiddos CJ, Gio, Sophia, and Xander here to Colorado from Texas.  I have enjoyed working here and meeting new people.  I am a PSE Certified Bow Technician and a USA Archery Level 3 Coach.

I have been coaching and instructing Archery for the past 5 years leaving the world of uniformed security.  I have taught over 4,000 individuals how to shoot archery with ages ranging from 3yrs of age to 90 yrs old.  I have hosted many archery tournaments from running leagues, to 3-D Tournaments, ASA Tournaments, NFAA Indoor Tournaments, Fun Shoots and love doing Public events to promote the sport of Archery. I am a member of several archery organizations such as USA Archery, Nation Field Archery Association, and Archery Shooters Association.

I shoot both Recurve and Compound bows.  I love to shoot my Compound for Target shooting and my recurve for 3-D and Hunting.