About Us

High Altitude Archery is a Unique place. We understand that Archery is as much Mental as it is Physical. We also know that an Archer’s Abilities come first and their equipment merely supports their skill set. All of our Archers know that “Practicing with a Purpose” will give them the best possible results. It is our daily mission to Encourage everyone to stretch their abilities, everyday they train with us. We always follow Range Safety, Respect our Equipment and Respect our Fellow Archers. This is the Culture of High Altitude Archery.

High Altitude Archery was created because we observed the need for an archery training school in Northern Colorado that focused on the art, essence and presence of archery. High Altitude Archery is modeled after the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista California, but that facility is only available to elite athletes by invitation. High Altitude Archery exists to help archers of all ages achieve their archery goals – be that participation in a group event, enhanced mental focus, or becoming an internationally competitive athlete.

In creating High Altitude Archery, our goal is to create an environment where the beginning archer can get a solid foundation, where the recreational archer can get the tips they need to take their shooting to the next level, and where the competitive archer can train to become a nationally ranked athlete.

High Altitude Archery has training programs for all ability levels, ages, and budgets.