24 Hour Indoor Archery Range Access in Northern Colorado

24-Hour Range Access Membership

We offer 24-hour access memberships to our range area.  We have a dedicated space of 5000 square feet, with 9 bales (18 lanes), and space for setup, seating and bow racks with shooting space for up to 20 yards.  This space is accessible from a dedicated door with evening lighting and secured with an RFID access lock.

A 24-hour membership gets you access to our regular range during business hours, and the overflow space any time.

Not ready for 24-hour access? Our regular hours access membership is also available for individuals or families.

6 AM between breakfast and work? Archery time!

11 PM before bed? Archery time!

10 AM home-school craziness? Archery time!

11 AM lunch hour blues? Archery time!

5 PM tired of TV? Archery time!

Want More Info?

Call 720-491-3309, visit the range, or email us at info@highaltitudearchery.com.

We do reserve the right to close up to 4 times per year for special events such as tournaments which might require use of the entire facility.