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11 Feb

Bowmaking Class – Make a Longbow for Adults and Teens

Book Class   Ever wonder what it takes to make a bow?  Are you curious about the mechanics of this ancient machine?  Do you enjoy working with your hands, and are you looking for a guided project on how to craft a fine longbow? Bow Making Class Is Here In this class, we use ancient …..

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01 Feb

Valentine’s Day Public Event

Come join us on Tuesday, February 13th for a fun Valentine’s Day shoot event.  We’ll be shooting Valentine’s themed targets, and we’ll have some simple refreshments on hand. $10.00 per couple + $10.00 per bow rental if you need to borrow equipment. It’s good clean date night fun for anyone of any skill level.

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19 Sep

Tuesday Leagues 2017

Something different this year! PRIZES! Yep, that’s right. This year, we’ll have prizes at the end of the tournament series. How does it work? This series, participation and placement will earn you raffle entries. At the end of the tournament series, we will be raffling off a variety of prizes. The more you participate, the …..

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Our Offerings

Professional Bow Tuning

Make sure your gear is in top shape by getting a thorough tuning job done. Our tuning service inspects and evaluates your current setup, looking for opportunities to enhance your consistency by ensuring your bow, arrows and accessories are in working order and properly balanced.

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Open Range

The High Altitude Archery range consists of 37 lanes a standard 20 meters indoor distance divided into 3 separate practice areas. We also have movable bales which allow archers to practice at 10 or 15 meters.

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Archery Equipment

High Altitude Archery specializes in stocking a broad range of archery equipment focused on the needs of the competitive archer. Here you will find USA Archery approved equipment such as stabilizers, sights, strings, dampeners, arrows, and everything else imaginable.

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Archery Lessons

Lessons are available for any ability level from “never picked up a bow” to “have been shooting for years.” We teach ages 10 and up in group lessons and any age in private lessons. Online registration is available.

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Kristin Hanak

Archery Coach

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JOAD Coach & Instructor

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About Us

High Altitude Archery is a Unique place. We understand that Archery is as much Mental as it is Physical. We also know that an Archer’s Abilities come first and their equipment merely supports their skill set. All of our Archers know that “Practicing with a Purpose” will give them the best possible results. It is …..

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