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Professional Bow Tuning

Make sure your gear is in top shape by getting a thorough tuning job done. Our tuning service inspects and evaluates your current setup, looking for opportunities to enhance your consistency by ensuring your bow, arrows and accessories are in working order and properly balanced.

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Open Range

The High Altitude Archery range consists of 37 lanes a standard 20 meters indoor distance divided into 3 separate practice areas. We also have movable bales which allow archers to practice at 10 or 15 meters.

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Archery Equipment

High Altitude Archery specializes in stocking a broad range of archery equipment focused on the needs of the competitive archer. Here you will find USA Archery approved equipment such as stabilizers, sights, strings, dampeners, arrows, and everything else imaginable.

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Archery Lessons

Lessons are available for any ability level from “never picked up a bow” to “have been shooting for years.” We teach ages 10 and up in group lessons and any age in private lessons. Online registration is available.

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Meet Our Team

Cuatro Kruse


Kerstin Williams

Store & Range Manager

Tom Adjutant

Lead Instructor

About Us

High Altitude Archery is a Unique place. We understand that Archery is as much Mental as it is Physical. We also know that an Archer’s Abilities come first and their equipment merely supports their skill set. All of our Archers know that “Practicing with a Purpose” will give them the best possible results. It is …..

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  • Really enjoyed the class with Cuatro. Knowledgeable and a good communicator.

    James K
  • We had a really great time on our team outing. Cuatro was really professional, while also maintaining an easygoing vibe that kept our session fun and personal. We loved using balloons as targets and a little friendly competition was a perfect ending to our lesson.

    Alexandra S
  • Fantastic Class. Great instruction, great people, really fun. Thank you Cuatro and everyone at High Altitude!

    Brian S
  • Hi. My daughter is really enjoying the classes. We enrolled for next month.

    Karen B
  • Very professional instructors.

    Tori D
  • Absolutely loved my first lesson. Everyone was so nice! I was brand new to archery and everyone made me feel comfortable. I had fun and learned a ton. I am signing up for the group classes and know that I have a new hobby for life!

    Kristi A
  • My daughter just completed level 1 with Cuatro and really enjoyed it. He is wonderful with the kids and the class is just the right amount of fun and serious safety. It’s great that the class is an hour as it gives ample time to warm up, have instruction, and still have plenty of time to practice their skills. It’s also a bonus to be able to stay for a bit before or after the class. The equipment is top notch and the facility is well maintained. I’d definitely recommend both High Altitude and Cuatro! I might want to try it out for myself 🙂

    Karen W
  • Excellent session with Tom. Accomplished exactly what we were hoping for!!

    Wendy H
  • I love HAA! The people are always friendly and incredibly helpful. The classes are fun, well taught and I always learn something new even when repeating a level. The rental equipment selection is awesome; I’ve never had an issue finding a bow within my draw weight range. They got me hooked on archery after the first class and I’m looking forward to furthering my archery skills at HAA!

    Greg H
  • Since August 3, 2012, I have been a traditional archery student with Tom Adjutant. During this period, Tom’s patient and positive approach has advanced my skill level to where I can now practice archery by myself with confidence. Tom’s expertise spans not only the process of shooting the bow, but also the fabrication & function of the bow. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Tom.

    Steve Clark
  • I really enjoyed taking the Level 1 course with Cuatro. He’s very clear, concise, professional & IMHO our group had a great time learning from him. It’ll be fun to come in while my daughter is in class, and I can keep working on these skills in the practice bay!

    Carrie R
  • Tom has been great! I love working with him. He is very patient, yet takes no mercy. He’s been an amazing mentor and I can’t wait to continue working with him into the future. Tom truly believes that each of his students has what it takes to succeed and brings out the ferocity, strength & passion it takes to get there. I started with zero experience in archery, but within only a few short months of working with Tom, I am now shooting with other archers that have been shooting for years.

  • My instructor was very good. Very approachable qnd knowledgeable and you could just see he had great form and could communicate it like an experienced instructor. In my short half hour he transferred much information on the basics of the range and shooting. Will return for more sessions.

    Mike C.
  • Taking classes with Tom has been a great experience. When I started classes this spring, I had no idea going into it what an entertaining, challenging, and addictive activity archery could be! I went into it just wanting to have some fun shooting arrows, but little did I know how it would capture my interest. I’ve gained strength, confidence, focus, and a strange desire to shoot at inanimate objects. Tom is outstanding as an instructor–he has a great sense of humor and a remarkable grasp on every possible aspect of the sport. He is very patient and gives a lot of positive feedback, while keeping the class rolling along with a variety of lessons. The classes themselves have been an enjoyable social experience as well. I’ve met fellow students from all over the Front Range, of all ages and levels of experience, and made some unexpected new friends.

    Greta Knievel
  • I love my new bow! Thank you, Tom, for taking the time to get me all set up.

    Sally L
  • Staff is friendly, instructors are patient and knowledgeable. It’s been wonderful to see my child’s confidence increase while developing a new skill!

    Jennifer K
  • Friendly, helpful, approachable and knowledgeable! Great experience for our teenager and us as parents that know nothing about this sport 🙂 !

    Deb S
  • Great fun taking my Level 1 class – the teacher was patient and kind and it made the experience all the more wonderful! Thanks

    Monika P
  • Allways a warm welcoming atmosphere. And with excellent instructors for all ages. I would recommend High Altitude Archery for families with children, teenagers and adults who want to participate in Archery in a safe and comfortable environment.

    Robert B
  • Great place to learn archery from instructors who are passionate about the sport. It’s an open unassuming environment that makes for a comfortable place to learn and enjoy the sport!

    Joshua M
  • Archery has always been something that has held an interest for me. I’m not sure why, something in the grace of the arrow flying through the air, or maybe the stillness of the archer before they loose the arrow. How I finally came into an archery shop looking for someone to get me started is unimportant, the learning started when I found Tom. From our very first lesson Tom has taken the time to show me not only the safety involved with archery but also making sure that I am not going to get hurt in the process by doing something out of my capabilities. Every lesson has brought on a new subtle challenge that has helped me progress along the way to becoming an archer. Tom has also encouraged me to join the archery community through local tournaments, something I look forward to starting. Tom has brought a sense of humor to every lesson and seems to enjoy watching me learn the art of archery as much as I have enjoyed learning it. It has been such a joy working with Tom that I look forward to having him coach me along my path; with his help I know it will be gracefully straight.

  • My daughter really enjoyed it! She wants to continue. We are headed on vacation for two weeks in August, however. We will re-enroll her for September

    Karen B

Latest News

10 Mar

The Mind-body Connection That Archery Provides

When people want to find a sport that benefits their mind and their body, they look at yoga, kickboxing, and martial arts in Longmont. Sometimes they look at competition sports like a martial art for kids, but what happens when they want a sport in which the entire family can participate? That is where archery …..

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02 Mar

Seeking an Archery Instructor

Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen an influx of new students that has begun to exceed our capacity to teach them. In addition we are looking to add additional summer archery programs. In response, we are looking to hire a new instructor. Job Summary High Altitude Archery is seeking an archery instructor to foster …..

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27 Feb

2017 Archery Summer Camps Offered by High Altitude Archery

Interested in Archery? This summer, High Altitude Archery is offering indoor archery summer camps for children and teens. Beginning Archery Camp At the Beginning Archery camp, students at High Altitude Archery will not only learn basic archery skills, but they will also work with a master bow builder to create a functional bow and arrow …..

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